Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tiffany Blue

My taste is evolving on the craft room decor.  Actually, I would say it is revolving.  Last night I got a replica paint sample of "At Sea" by Benjamin Moore (the color in the Country Living office I featured a few days ago), painted, and decided that yes, it is too light.  I want more pop.  So I am re-volving back to my original color choice, Tiffany Blue.  I want a craft room that makes you feel like you walked right into a Tiffany's Box.  I am inspired by the color in photos like these: 

Most photos found at House of Turquoise.  What a pretty blog. 
Back to Home Depot I go for more paint samples!


Emily said...

Oooooohhhh. I love it, too. The color we just painted our kitchen and family room looks a lot like the color in the laundry room picture.

I like the things you like. :)

Nate and Amy Family said...

Yes! I'm loving it! It's so you too! Can't wait to help you paint it on!

Megan said... it, funny that you relate it to tiffany's, i've told jay that "tiffany blue" is my fav color!!! Your craft room will be glorious!

mollie said...

Love it! The laundry room color is my favorite! Also love the inspiration room below....alot!!!! Can't wait to see the transformation!

Rebecca Luke said...

I LOVE that color. When I graduated high school, a dear family friend gave me a Tiffany Bean necklace from Tiffany & Co., and I still have the box. There's no need for it, but I can't stand to part with it's classic cuteness. Ribbon and all. I would love a room painted in that color. Do it, and then take lots of pictures! :)

Heidi said... are so inspiring. You have done more decorating in a month than I have in a year! No wonder your house is so cute! Keep me posted with pics and updates. This is so fun to see!!! Love ya!

Sariah said...

YES! LOVE THIS COLOR! Have fun with it girlie!

Alex Waters said...

What is the color called and what brand is it?? I LOVEit(: