Sunday, March 27, 2011

good times at church.

I've had such a blast helping out with our ward activities.  At Christmas, we did the Polar Express.  Around Valentine's Day, we had ward adult-only dinner groups, meeting at the church for dessert. 

I tried to create ambiance with flameless candles, red and lots of chocolate.  We served cheesecakes with chocolate ganache, and red velvet cake.  We played Frank Sinatra.  It was lovely.

Last week we hosted Movie Night.  Each of the youth groups made a home video, recreating a scripture story.  We invited the whole ward to come watch and eat popcorn and licorice.  It was awesome.  Everyone loved it, and I was majorly impressed by our youth and their creativity.

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Diana Dore said...

Is it possible to get your movie poster in a format I can edit? I'd like to use it for our youth group. My email is Thanks for getting back to me.